Fall 2015
Fall 2015

Whitecoat 2015

The Class of 2019 participated in the annual White Coat Ceremony on Saturday, August 29. ICO faculty presented coats to 174 individuals. These coats represent the beginning of students’ optometric education.

“It’s symbolic,” said Celina Lewis, ‘19. “Just getting our physical jackets, we really feel like we’re crossing the threshold. It’s an exciting time.”

This joy was shared by Scott Hacker, ‘19. While he did not get into ICO the first time he applied, Hacker did not give up. He re-took the OAT, and worked alongside a doctor for a year. Finally, he has made it. In his new coat, alongside his parents, he smiled, “It’s kind of a dream come true.”

To see White Coat Ceremony photos taken by ICO, visit our Flickr. Student-generated images are also available on Instagram via hashtag #ICOWhiteCoat.

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