Fall 2016
Fall 2016

White Coat Ceremony: A Family Affair

What makes someone a “professional?” On Saturday, August 27, Dr. Arol Augsburger stood before the Class of 2020 at the annual White Coat Ceremony. He defined the term “professional” to the new class with a personal list- knowledge, ethics, empathy, integrity, and more. ICO then welcomed 166 individuals into the profession of optometry.

Within the Class of 2020, seven students were coated by loved ones who had attended ICO. These special families were:

  • Michelle Skowron and father Mark Skowron, OD ‘81
  • Gabriela Pavletic and father Kirk Pavletic, OD ’85
  • Jenna DeRubeis and father Michael DeRubeis, OD ‘83
  • Liesl Caister and father Michael Caister, OD ‘90
  • Arianna Collins and mother Debbie Williams, OD ‘89
  • Lauren Kunkel, mother Beth Kunkel, OD ’91, and father Kent Kunkel, OD ‘91
  • Katherine Chen, father Edward Chen, OD ’74, and aunt Helen Chen, OD ‘81

A full gallery of White Coat 2016 images is available online on ICO’s Flickr page, and a commemorative video can be viewed on YouTube. Student-generated imagery can be found on social media with hashtag #ICOWhiteCoat. Best wishes, Class of 2020, and thank you to all of the alumni who are supporting this new crop of future ODs.

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