Fall 2017
ICO Matters IEI Eidon Confocal Scanner Fall 2017

What’s New in Patient Care

The Illinois Eye Institute continues to expand the services it offers. This season alone, multiple innovations premiered in the clinic that will improve care:

  • Diabetic Support Group – A monthly support group for diabetic patients and their loved ones has experienced several months of success. Discussion topics vary widely, from the effects of diabetes on vision to healthy food options available at Chicago farmers’ markets.
  • Corneal Cross-linking – On Thursday, July 20, Dr. Osvaldo Lopez performed ICO’s first epi-off corneal cross-linking procedure. This non-invasive process uses vitamin B2 (riboflavin) drops and UV light to treat conditions like keratoconus and ectasia. The patient had such a positive experience that she intends to transfer her entire family’s vision care to our clinic.
  • Eidon Wide-Field Camera – In August, the clinic started a trial period using an Eidon Wide-Field Camera. The camera offers a range of benefits over traditional fundus photography. Says Dr. Michael Chaglasian, the device produces “quality images of small pupils and cataracts.” The Eidon Wide-Field Camera could eventually become a permanent fixture in the IEI.

These additions not only serve our patients, but also the hands-on education received by ICO students.

Click each image above to see a detailed PDF.

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