Spring 2015
Spring 2015

November 13, 1968


Laying of the Cornerstones, Alumni Memorial Educational Wing and Eye Clinic.
Dr. E. W. Strawn, Dr. G.D. Rowe, Dr. C.K. Hill


Board of Trustees
Dr. Marguerite T. Eberl, John R. Montgomery III, Dr. R. H. Ehrenberg, Dr. C.C. Koch, Dr. W.H. Matthews, Dr. Glenn H. Moore, Dr. E. W. Strawn, Dr. G. D. Rowe, Dr. C.K. Hill, Dr. O.W. Weinstein


Administrative Staff
Dr. W.S. Yasko, L.T. Licheniak, Dr. J.E. Goroshow, Dr. A.A. Rosenbloom, Dr. E.W. Strawn, Dr. H.S. Wodis, H.H. Ashby


Alumni Association Executive Council
Dr. F. R. Kushner, Dr. J.J. Gardner, Dr. E.P. Fisher, Dr. K.P. Martin, Dr. C.K. Hill

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