Summer 2017
ICO Matters In Focus Students Serving Chicago Place Mat for Senior Citizens Summer 2017

Students Serving Chicago

Our students and alumni have a reputation for giving back. Keeping up with this tradition of generosity, the ICO family has participated in multiple initiatives this season:

  • National Volunteer Week: ICO students hand-decorated placemats for senior citizens. A total of 83 unique mats were donated to Symphony Nursing Home.
  • Blessings in a Backpack: Rotary One members assembled in the ICO gym to help local children in need. Volunteers filled over 1,000 backpacks with food, supplies, and inspirational notes for children in Chicago.
  • The Stigma Tree: To help spread mental health awareness, the Private Practice Club created a “Stigma Tree” in the ICO lobby. Students encouraged each other to remember mental health, and to reach out and help each other in difficult times.

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