Spring 2017
Spring 2017

Editor’s Note
“Then what?”

At ICO, I occasionally hear from students as they make the journey to OD. One question I hear often is, “Then what?” As in, “I become a doctor, then what?”

ICO’s vast alumni network offers many answers. You can become a doctor, then open and expand a private practice. Start a family. Choose a cause and create societal change. Stay near, travel far. Live humbly, live large.

In this Spring 2017 issue of ICO Matters, the answer to, “Then what?” appears to be, “Whatever you want!”

  • Alumni help children survive and thrive in our feature on kids’ charities.
  • One doctor practices inclusivity in Close Up with an LGBT-friendly office and a condo filled with rescued pets.
  • A practice management consultant offers tips for recruiting associates- even during a candidate shortage.
  • In Essentials, a doctor returns home to transform a vintage building into her dream practice.

Enjoy the magazine… then what? That, dear reader, is up to you!

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