Summer 2015
Summer 2015

San Miguel

On March 4, two buses from San Miguel Middle School pulled up at ICO. Eighth graders spent the afternoon learning about their eyes from our expert faculty and students. Activities included optical illusions, finding each other’s blind spots, seeing the inside of classmates’ eyes, and more. These opportunities likely would not have been available to San Miguel without ICO. Here, excited students express their gratitude:


“We learned that the eye is very complicated and has many parts to it. We would like to be eye doctors because it’s a great experience and a great profession.”
– Cecilia and Enrique

“My brother has glasses, and I never knew how they worked.”
– Hugo and Cilali

Our favorite activity was the spinning black and white spiral.” “I would like to be an eye doctor in the future and give everyone glasses if needed.”
– Lithzuly and Naomy

Summer2015-san_miguel-3“It was really surprising… really trippy but a lot of fun!
– Jeff and Daniela

“You should come visit us someday- not next year, this year.”
– Cristian and Jesus

“Thank you for taking the time and showing us new, awesome things we haven’t learned. I now want to be an eye doctor.”
– Angel and Javier

Summer2015-san_miguel-4“We learned that you can tell if someone has diseases by looking at the back of the eye.” From this experience, we are now more interested in the eye and how it works.”
– Daniela and Terecita

“I want to become a doctor for horses… but I have always been interested in learning about horses’ eyes. Your presentation was the most awesome presentation I have ever listened to.”
– Karla and Bryan

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