Summer 2015
Summer 2015


Sepideh Omidghaemi ‘15, twin sister Saeideh Omidghaemi, and Chido Munjanganja ‘15 painted a reverspective that tricks the eyes and teaches vision science.

Reverspective, or “reverse perspective,” uses math to confuse our brains’ perception. An image is drawn on a 3-dimensional surface. The surface itself is built toward our eyes, while the painted imagery moves away from us. Every brush stroke must be carefully calculated. The result is a striking scene that appears to move when we do.

Sepideh, Saeideh, and Chido’s painting is titled Our Favorite Space. It was created under the mentorship of Dr. Susan Kelly, and features scenes from ICO. The reverspective generated quite a bit of buzz for the college. Its story has been seen on WGN, ABC, DNAInfo, UPI, and beyond.

The piece premiered on May 13. It is now on display for all to enjoy. Interested parties may view the art by appointment only. Please e-mail to schedule a visit. To view the video, visit the page for the reverspective on ICO.EDU.

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