Spring 2018
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Research Update

The Illinois College of Optometry currently has 74 ongoing research projects. Of these, 53 were initiated by faculty and 21 by students. Our research covers a wide range of topics including myopia, contact lenses, orthokeratology, glaucoma, amblyopia, binocular vision, low vision, traumatic brain injury, and dry eye. Such studies keep our institution at the forefront of optometric advancement and add value to your ICO-branded degree!

Here are some current research highlights happening on-campus. All were funded by personal donations or the NIH.

Study of Adult Strabismus 1
Describes the clinical characteristics, treatments, and one-year outcomes of adults with convergence insufficiency, divergence insufficiency, or small angle hypertropia.

Amblyopia Treatment Study 20
Compares the efficacy of spectacle correction alone with spectacle correction that accompanies binocular gameplay for treatment of amblyopia in children 4 to <13 years old.

Intermittent Exotropia Study 5
Explores the effectiveness of overminus for the treatment of IXT among patients 3 to <11 years old.

Low-Dose Atropine for Treatment of Myopia (MTS1)
Compares the efficacy of daily low-dose atropine (0.01%) for slowing myopia progression over a two-year treatment period in children aged 5 to <13 years with myopia -1.00 to -6.00D.

Efficacy of Intermittent Occlusion Therapy Glasses for Amblyopia
Evaluates the effectiveness of a new lazy eye treatment, AmblyzTM glasses.

Effectiveness of Orthokeratology in Decreasing Myopic Progression in a Young Adult Population Enrolled in a Professional Optometric Curriculum
Determines the effectiveness of specialty rigid lenses (orthokeratology) in preventing myopia progression in optometry students.

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