Summer 2017
ICO Matters In Focus Zombie Quiz Bowl Contestants Summer 2017

Quiz Bowls Test Optometric Knowledge

Some students, after a long and draining study session, may feel like zombies. Perhaps that’s why this year’s AOSA Quiz Bowl was themed as a zombie outbreak! On March 31, the optometric undead walked ICO’s campus, racing to answer clinical questions in front of an audience. The competition was hard-fought. Our winner this year was Taylor Harris, ’18. He went on to compete at the Optometry Student Bowl at Optometry’s Meeting in Washington, DC.

Alumni may also remember ICO’s Pre-Optometry Quiz Bowl. On April 1, we hosted the largest contest yet. Invitations were expanded beyond the usual pre-optometry clubs to include individual prospective students, as well. We welcomed nearly 75 aspiring ODs to our campus. Games such as Clinical Challenge, Academic Challenge, and “Who Wants to be an Optometrist?” were energetic and fun.

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