Summer 2016
Summer 2016

Quiz Bowl

Summer2016-quizbowl3On Friday, April 1, strange red lines appeared across ICO’s campus. It was no April Fools’ joke! These markings created a school-wide treasure map. “X” marked the spot for the annual AOSA Quiz Bowl. Students embraced the theme, pirates, with elaborate costumes and decor.

Six Quiz Bowl competitors were chosen by their peers: Matt Jones ‘19, Colin Lee ‘19, Taylor Harris ‘18, Alexandra Literski ‘18, Jonathan Pham ‘17, and David Schaeffer ‘17. The evening’s emcee was Erik Mothersbaugh, OD ’12, joined by a panel of singing mermaid judges.

Questions covered optics, mathematics, diagnosis, and other areas of optometry. All contestants did a great job, but one student was victorious: David Schaeffer, ‘17. Schaeffer will advance to the Varilux Optometry Bowl in Boston. Alumni are highly encouraged to cheer on Schaeffer at the 2016 AOA Optometry’s Meeting, June 29-July 3, as he takes on winners from optometry schools across the nation.

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