Summer 2016
Summer 2016

Princeton Study

The Illinois Eye Institute at Princeton Elementary marked five years of excellence with a reception on March 17, 2016. With this milestone came the results of a study on the clinic’s impact. This study showed a statistically significant improvement in student GPAs and math test scores after students received comprehensive eye exams and glasses:


  • Of the students seen at the clinic, 15 percent had moderate to severe uncorrected refractive error. These patients showed significantly higher GPAs following their visit. The improvements in GPA were larger than those observed in students without severe vision problems.
  • Students who visited the clinic when they were in grades 3-4, or when they were in high school, experienced greater gains in math test scores than students who first visited in grades 5-7.

The IEI at Princeton is committed to CPS students who may not otherwise receive eye care. The in-school clinic has helped over 31,000 patients. Says Dr. Sandra Block, “The results of this study demonstrate the difference that comprehensive eye exams can make in students’ academic lives, which in turn sets them up for greater success in the future… healthy eyes really are the window to a healthy life.”

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