Spring 2018
ICO's A Day in the Life video series Spring 2018

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For years, ICO’s Day in the Life videos had been the College’s most popular online content. While the perspectives captured in this reality TV-style series still hold true, the students featured have long since graduated. So, the ICO Communications team rebooted the series with some new faces.

Chelsea Laden, ‘21, and Jeff Villena, ‘21, volunteered to take cameras with them as they started optometry school. Their footage includes first-year milestones such as Move-In Day, ICOlympics, classes, exams, and clinic. Day in the Life 2 hit the Internet on December 19.

Each episode ends with the opportunity to opt in to an e-newsletter. Aspiring ODs who sign up will receive tips and tricks about the application process, as well as further info about optometry school and Chicago. These will be valuable resources for any future OD. Please share Day in the Life with colleagues and prospective students in your circle.

All 7 episodes of Day in the Life can be enjoyed on YouTube or our website.

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