Fall 2015
Fall 2015

Nana Owusu, OD ’08
Nana Owusu, OD ’08, doesn’t give up on a passion once he commits. He’s committed to optometry, of course; his Prairie Eye Care in Winnipeg, Manitoba has expanded to three offices. Dr. Owusu is also loyal to sports coaching, mentorship, and his beautiful family. He fell for his wife, Renée Phipps, OD ’08, at ICO. Even the ill-fated Oakland Raiders have his undying commitment. Here are a few of the “Essentials” that keep Dr. Owusu going, no matter the weather or the win-loss record:

Inner City Scholars

Through our office we have created an annual university entrance scholarship, the Prairie Eye Care Academic Scholarship, for a high school graduate from an inner city school who has been accepted to a postsecondary institution and has demonstrated strong academic and leadership qualities. Our hope is that these kids will find personal and professional success in their future, and will recognize the value of sharing with the community that supported them through the years.


Hawaii has become a favorite travel destination. We have gone each of the last five years and I don’t see the streak ending any time soon.

A Taste of Winnipeg

This is Chicago’s fault. Prior to my time at ICO, I didn’t have a very refined palate. Now, I can’t stop myself from trying any and every new restaurant that comes to our city! Fortunately, Winnipeg has great restaurants. I don’t know if I’m a true “foodie” yet, but I know I love to eat.

The Autumn Wind is a Raider

I have been loyal to the Raiders since I was 6 years old and have stuck with them through good times and bad- lately, much more bad than good. Even so, every Sunday you can find me teaching (brainwashing?) my kids about the history and mystique of the Raiders. People ask me if all Raiders fans are crazy… well, I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba and I have season tickets in Oakland, California. So, yes.



I’ve been coaching high school football at an inner city Winnipeg school since 2010. This is one of the most rewarding things that I have ever done. Teaching these young men to be good students, good teammates, and good people has become a passion of mine. Selfishly, it’s very rewarding for me to watch them succeed both on and off the field as they mature into adulthood.

The One Who Knocks

Renée and I aren’t big television watchers, but we definitely binge watched “Breaking Bad” on Netflix. For a month, the kids were in bed early and we were glued to the TV. In my opinion, it’s the best show that has ever aired. If only I could forget the details so I could watch it again!

Air Jordans

fall2015_essentials_NanaJordansWhen I was 16 I started a collection of “Jordans.” I don’t have all of them, but I’m pretty close. There are a few pairs that I have doubles of and I have a number of unopened boxes. In the office, I’m more of a Hugo Boss shoe kind of guy, but if Michael Jordan made more “clinic attire suitable” shoes…Now that I’m a father, I have shifted my attention to baby Jordans for my kids; it makes me feel less guilty.

…but seriously, FOOTBALL.

I loved playing through high school, university and semipro, and I really enjoy watching on Sundays. My passion for the game, however, lies in the X’s and O’s of play structure and the strategy of player personnel selection. If I weren’t an optometrist, I would probably be looking for an internship with a professional team doing anything that they would allow me to do. …and I would probably be broke. And hungry. But happy to be immersed in football!

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