Spring 2018
Spring 2018

Meet the New Student Organizations

Two new student organizations recently debuted at ICO. Both clubs offer specific knowledge to help future doctors succeed after optometry school.

Personal Finance Club

The PFC, advised by Bryant Anderson, Senior Director of Student Services, offers students practical financial knowledge that they can immediately use. All ICO students are automatically members. There are no annual dues, and no previous financial knowledge is necessary. Discussion topics include banking, credit, taxes, retirement, investment, and more. The PFC’s website offers links to many digital resources. The organization hopes to empower students from their time at ICO long into their optometric careers.

Ocular Nutrition Society

The ONS is ICO’s newest student organization. Though still in its early phases, the club aims to be an informational resource for its members on nutritional education as it relates to vision and eye health. Dr. Rebecca Zoltoski is the club’s faculty advisor.

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