Spring 2015
Spring 2015

Julie Berg Ryan, OD ’75, MSEd
Julie Berg Ryan, OD ’75, MSEd operates her own practice in Irvine, Calif. The 1999 California Optometrist of the Year and 2001 ICO Alumnus of the Year also serves as an adjunct professor at the Southern California College of Optometry at Marshall B. Ketchum University, where she previously served as chief of pediatric vision services. Herewith, some of her favorite things.

College Football

I’m a fan. I’m a person who can watch anybody play, but I do make an effort to watch the Big Ten because I’m from Iowa. I try to watch the University of Iowa every weekend. I work on Saturdays, though, so I don’t catch all the games.

Lexus IS F

It’s got 425 horsepower. When needed, I can get out of the crowds of the traffic here in California. It’s white in color, so the police don’t look at it quite so critically. I would have preferred the royal blue option, but it wasn’t available at the time, so I chose the white. It’s probably worked out to my advantage.


It’s my go-to app for tracking what I eat. In addition to all my food, I also enter how many steps I take in a day. It’s a way to keep me alert and not to go crazy overeating.


We purchased a property on the Big Island last year and we’re planning to retire there. When I first moved to California, we did all four islands in two weeks. We were looking for a warm, beautiful area. Both my mother and my husband’s mother had traveled there and suggested we go. We’ve returned pretty much yearly.

Michael Kors purse

I recently purchased one for the first time ever. It was one of those deals where it was 50 percent off to start with and then I got another 25 percent off so I felt like I scored. I’d been eyeing it every weekend. It’s kinds of a wine color, with a classic shape, and it’s quilted.

Cheesy Pizza Eggs

It’s scrambled eggs with different kinds of cheese, topped with pizza sauce. I’m into breakfast, and everyday I make it for myself. I drink my coffee in the car on the way to the office.

Sweet and Spicy Chocolate Chocolate Brownies

I put roasted Asian cinnamon and ancho chile into the brownies. I use all dark chocolate, including dark chocolate chips. If I’m in the mood I’ll put a chocolate ganache on the top, but I don’t always do that.

“The Fall”

My husband and I just finished watching. It’s so much different from American crime dramas. The detail and the psychology attracted us. And the Brits don’t go looking for the most attractive people in every situation, whereas all of our characters are so GQ. But the ending is very strange. Everything was great up until the last five minutes. We speculated that the writers all must have quit or been fired.

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