Summer 2017
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Jack and Jill of America Visits ICO

Jack and Jill of America, Inc. is an organization of mothers with children ages 2-19 dedicated to nurturing future African-American leaders. Jack and Jill pursues this mission through cultural, educational, legislative, and health-focused philanthropy. The Teen Club of the Windy City Chapter came to the Illinois College of Optometry to learn about ocular health. To better appreciate the gift of sight, they started the day with a low vision simulation using canes and blindfolds. Then, ICO students took them to the EyePod to learn about eye exams.

Activities included testing color vision, determining acuities, refraction, and looking at each other’s retinas with slit lamps. Finally, the Eyewear Center taught the teens how to interpret prescriptions and how various ophthalmic lenses are used to help patients. The day concluded with a pizza dinner and prizes given out to students who could repeat what they’d learned.

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