Fall 2017
ICO Matters Focus on Your Future Group Fall 2017

Introducing Young People to Optometry

Summertime is a great time for aspiring optometrists to visit ICO! In June, our annual Focus on Your Future summer program brought in 17 students from 10 states. Focus on Your Future introduces underrepresented populations to optometry, Chicago, and of course, ICO.

Later, in July, high school sophomores visited ICO through IIT’s Summer Biology Program. The group learned about optometry over the course of an action-packed day. First, they dissected cow eyes at IIT. Then, they came to ICO for breakout sessions. Students received campus tours, heard about the modes of practice, and explored vision with slit lamps and optical illusions.

By reaching out to our community’s young people, we continue to spread enthusiasm for optometry and ICO.

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