Spring 2017
Bronzeville Pharmacy Spring 2017
[ Pictured: Bronzville Pharmacy ]

IEI Opens Two New Areas

This winter, the Illinois Eye Institute opened two new service areas. The Bronzeville Pharmacy and Diabetic Eye Center are welcoming patients every day.

The full-service Bronzeville Pharmacy at Illinois Eye Institute is conveniently located on the first floor of the IEI. IEI patients can see an optometrist, then immediately get their prescriptions filled on-site. The Bronzeville Pharmacy isn’t just for eye care, either. Patients as well as ICO students, faculty, and staff can use it for medications of any kind. Pharmacist Mitul Gandhi also offers home delivery and nutrition counseling. He has served over 200 patients since the pharmacy’s debut.

Diabetic Eye Clinic

The Diabetic Eye Center provides eye exams, visual fields, OCTs, and other specialized services to diabetic patients. The DEC is intended to be not only a medical service area, but also a place for education and bonding. Drs. Eileen Bush and Patricia Salazar are seeking participants for a monthly diabetes support group. Topics discussed range from healthy eating to the importance of knowing your A1C numbers. Patients and their loved ones are welcomed.

For more details on both new services in the IEI, visit www.illinoiseyeinstitute.org.

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