Fall 2015
Fall 2015


All four ICO class years took to the RC Field on Saturday, August 22 for ICOlympics. This competition, which takes place every summer, features class representatives facing off in sporting events. Favorite games include Tug-of-War, Water Balloon Toss, Watermelon and Hot Dog Eating, Volleyball, the Limbo, and more. Each team showed immense school spirit. Colorful signs and themed t-shirts helped cheer students on. The most physical event by far was dodgeball; our future ODs get competitive over more than just exam scores!


At the end of the day, the Class of 2017 took overall victory. They were crowned champions of ICOlympics. The title won’t stay in one place for long, however. The Class of 2019 has already declared a rivalry with not-yet-arrived Class of 2020.

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