Spring 2016
Spring 2016

Flat Kits

In the last issue of ICO Matters, we introduced ICO.edu’s new look and the institution’s updated voice. Our message remains clear: ICO best prepares students to practice optometry in the real world. We’re proud of our strengths, and wanted our students to get enthusiastic about what makes ICO great. A social media campaign known as #ICOPrepared got our future ODs talking.

Cutouts featuring Kits the Shiba Inu puppy were hidden around campus. Each cutout contained a word that describes ICO. When a student found a cutout, they were tasked with posting a photo online. Here are some of the fantastic responses we received:

  • “In my opinion, the most striking thing about the Illinois College of Optometry is that we’re already in the optometry labs the first week of school.”
    – Lena Dorack, ’19
  • “It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to get your portrait on this wall. If you set your goals high and are#ICOPrepared, there’s no telling what you can achieve.”
    – Matt Pietruszka, ’17
  • “ICO transforms you into the most prepared OD!”
    – Meghan Murray, ’18
  • “Kits is posing next to his life and career role model Dr. Neil Hodur and many of our#esteemed alumni. He can’t wait to add his bow tie flair to this prestigious collage of ICO alums and knows hard work will get him there.”
    – Nicole Gall, ’17

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