Fall 2016
Fall 2016

Editor’s Note

There is an incorrect stereotype that higher education is all-consuming. With each incoming class, I become more impressed by ICO’s well-rounded students. They find time for countless activities beyond their schoolwork. This is also true for our alumni. Our family of ODs includes artisans, musicians, sports fans, business owners, and more. ICO is a great school for the multi-talented, and Chicago is the perfect city in which to spread one’s wings.

For Fall 2016, ICO Matters is exploring the colorful passions of ICO alumni.

  • In Talking Heads, we discuss the time management required to keep hobbies alive through optometry school.
  • Close Up follows an alumnus who balances patient care and craft beer brewing.
  • We speak to a former campus photographer about his strategies and equipment in Essentials.
  • A feature comparing life in Brady Hall to today’s Residential Complex proves that, no matter the year, there’s always fun to be had at ICO.

I hope this issue inspires you to dust off an activity you’ve been neglecting. Pick up that guitar, baseball bat, or garden trowel. Perhaps you could even incorporate a favorite side activity into your practice!

If you are an artist, we’d like to feature your work in a future issue of ICO Matters. Please reach out to communications@ico.edu.

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