Spring 2017
ICO Matters Essentials: Gerianne Mulanix OD '10 in Optical Spring 2017

Essentials: Gerianne Mulanix, OD ’10
There’s no place like home! …At least that’s what Gerianne Mulanix, OD ’10, would say. ICO diploma in hand, she returned to Linden, Michigan, to serve patients in her hometown. Dr. Mulanix saw potential in a pre-1900s building. Renovations and updates were intense, but Linden Family Eye Care opened its doors at last in October. It is a modern, private practice with lots of vintage charm. “I am very intentional in creating an unexpected experience,” says Dr. Mulanix. “This place truly is an authentic outflow from my heart.” Here are the Essentials Dr. Mulanix needed to bring eye care home. Heart, brains, courage, and…

Time to Reflect

“Our patients have been bringing in vintage mirrors for us to grow our mirror montage. It resides above a refinished church pew from down the road.”

Local Design

“We carry an independent optical frame line, Article One, that is designed nearby in Flint, Michigan. The community has really embraced it.”

Motivational Mantra

“Courage is not the absence of fear; it is the making of action in spite of fear, the moving out against the resistance engendered by fear into the unknown and into the future.” – M. Scott Peck

Alumni Backup

“Robert Steinmetz, OD ’03, and Eric Baas, OD ’06, from iCare Advisors were indispensable throughout the process. From securing financing to deciding which optical frame lines to carry, their wisdom was a great resource. To know I could reach out to them at any time was priceless.”

Hiring for Character

“Steve, my managing optician, has been fundamental to the success of the practice. With over 20 years of optical experience, he can tackle anything the day throws at him. My take-away when it comes to HR is to hire for strength of character first. Yes, he’s an amazing optician, but most important to me is that he is an amazing person.”

Space to Unwind

“The best way to unplug is spending time with my two children, Ezra and Judith Grace, and Bryan, my husband of 13 years. We are out in the fresh air as much as possible- hiking, walking to the local Shiawasee River, and attempting to cultivate a kitchen garden.”

An Eye for Antiques

“My grandfather is an antiques dealer. He found a 1920s gun cabinet hiding in the garage of a historic home in the area. We refinished it, added glass shelving, and installed LED lights. Now, it houses some of our beautiful frames! The warmth of the wood makes the office feel homey and warm.

Art in the Family

“My mother has been the local middle school art teacher for over twenty years. My grandmother, ‘Mungie’ Awrylo, is an artist. At 77 years old, she spent weeks up on an 8-foot ladder creating this masterpiece, Wall.”

Historic Appreciation

“We had to be careful about renovating a pre-1900s building. From paint colors to the design of our signage, every choice had to be examined by the Historic District Commission for appropriateness.”

Upward Momentum

“You’ll never feel 100% ‘ready.’ If you wait until you’re sure, you’ll never do it. I started thinking of [opening my practice] as a challenging athletic pursuit, just like one of my other favorite hobbies- rock climbing.”

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