Spring 2016
Spring 2016

Essentials: Christina Twardowski, OD ’10
Christina Twardowski, OD ’10, has a real gift. She completed a Pediatric Residency at Children’s Mercy Hospital between 2011 and 2012. As it turned out, children were her calling. Dr. Twardowksi now lives in Kansas City, Missouri, permanently practicing at the same site. She has two children of her own, Lukas and Will, whom she raises with her husband, Matthew Twardowski, OD ’10. Providing eye care to children is already a big task. To be building a family at the same time requires patience, skill, and a few great tools. Here are Dr. Twardowski’s “Essentials” for a career surrounded by little ones:

Spring2016-essentials-jacobseyepatchReading Rainbow

“There is a book we have titled Jacob’s Eye Patch. This book talks about how a child, who is currently undergoing occlusion treatment for his amblyopia, might feel or could be viewed by others since he is constantly wearing an eye patch. We treat a lot of amblyopia in my office, so it’s nice to share this story with parents if they are having difficulty getting cooperation from their child.”


Home Starts Here

“I’m not one to sit and watch TV, but if someone were to pin me down, I would choose Fixer Upper with Chip and JoJo. They are the cutest couple and their children are adorable!”

The Sound of Your Own Wheels

“I listen to whatever my children feel like dancing to- mainly Lukas. It’s quite amazing how picky a 2 year old can be with their music selection! Currently, he enjoys Take it Easy by the Eagles, Down by the Bay by Raffi, and The Wheels on the Bus.”

A Good Hug

“Hands down, my mentor is my Residency Director Dr. Tim Hug, who I now am honored to call my colleague. Much of the doctor I am today I owe to his guidance and leadership. He continually challenges me every day to be a better doctor and person.”

The Centennial State

“Breckenridge Colorado is my favorite vacation spot. Skiing or hiking those mountains is so beautiful and peaceful.”


Indestructible Eyewear

“Miraflex is the most durable frame I have come across. Kids can bend them, throw them, bite them… The frame is offered in different shapes and many different colors and has a head strap to allow for better comfort and compliance.”

I Drink It Up

“I don’t usually have time to go out for lunch, but we do have lunch delivered sometimes. I like to splurge on Potbelly milkshakes. Yes, they deliver milkshakes and it’s amazing!!”


Love at First Sight

“My husband is truly my most important “essential,” whether I’m having a frustrating day at work (none of my kids or parents want to cooperate,) a sad day (we see so many children with complicated medical conditions,) or an amazing day (I successfully treated a 20/400 corneal scar patient with an RGP lens who now sees 20/20!) He’s always there to listen and support me. He has been by my side throughout every step of my optometric path and continues to encourage me to have no limits with my career goals.”


Toy Story

“Favorite toys for an exam are anything that lights up. We have this toy- we call them ‘spinny balls.’ I’m not sure if that’s the technical name for them, but they are wonderful! Kids of all ages love to watch the lights spin and are able to touch the toy.”

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