Fall 2016
Fall 2016

Essentials: Chris Bugajski, OD ’15
Chicago is a beautiful city, and Chris Bugajski, OD ’15, has a knack for capturing its magic. While at ICO, he balanced urban photography with his studies. Bugajski’s photos now adorn many spaces on campus. Though he’s about to move to Wisconsin for a position with the VA, Bugajski makes it clear that Chicago architecture will remain his favorite subject. These are his Essentials for shooting and sharing images:

The Golden Hour

“The “Golden Hour” is shortly before sunset. The light is a lot softer at that time and will allow for a great shot!”

Photographer Fuel

“My favorite foods are a Chicago-style hotdog (NO ketchup) or a dipped Italian beef (Hot peppers, please!)”

Hometown heroes

“When it comes to sports, I’m a homer- It’s the Cubs, Bears, Hawks, and Bulls for me.”


“I like to take photos with my DSLR, but I enjoy snapping photos with my phone as well. I have an iPhone SE, which has a 12-megapixel camera and f/2.2 aperture.”

It Pays to be Popular

“Popular Pays is an app that connects to Instagram and provides the user with food and — in some cases — experiences or products for the number of followers one has. Donuts and coffee are typically given for users with around 500 followers or so. Once you get into the thousands, more “Swaps” become available. At the 4,000 mark, you get 2 press pass Skydeck tickets at Sears (yes, it’s Sears, not Willis) Tower. The “Swaps” get better the more followers you have!”


Instagram Community

“I’ve met some really great photographers through Instagram and was very fortunate to be a part of a social media driven group called Choose Chicago. Check these photographers out on Instagram: @edgilardon, @edsonsoares, @thecraighensel, @cshimala, @danamarieku, @chippercentral, @sirbruceleroy, and @lenonjames. I think you’ll definitely like what you see!”

Apps & Accessories

“I have five photo-related apps on my phone: Instagram, ProCam, PS Express, Slow Shutter, and Snapseed. fall2016-essentials-appsInstagram is the mobile platform I’ve chosen to display my photos. ProCam offers manual setting manipulation that can be configured to take the perfect shot. PS Express provides quick editing options and interesting filters. Slow Shutter allows for long exposure shots with a phone- just make sure you have a tripod (Joby makes a great tripod for mobile devices.) Google Snapseed is the ultimate photo editor.”

Shooting Locations

“Chicago and the surrounding suburbs allow for some spectacular photo opportunities. The Baha’i House of Worship can be found in Wilmette, which is about a half hour north of the city. If you want to get an interesting view of the John Hancock Building, then head to North Avenue Beach. If nothing else, some of the best views of the city will require a boat. Take a cruise on the Tall Ship Windy around sunset; you’ll always be able to obtain a print-worthy photo.”

Attend Open House

“Brett-Ashley Palmer, OD ’15, took this photo at Open House Chicago in 2014. Open House Chicago occurs every October. It’s pretty sweet! You get access to buildings and views that you otherwise wouldn’t get.”


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