Spring 2015
Spring 2015

Editor’s Note Written by Erin Engstrom, editor

From your first view of the cover, you probably noticed something different about this issue of ICO Matters. After five years with our previous design, the communications department at ICO decided to shake things up in an effort to freshen the magazine’s aesthetics and to feature more timely content. From a visual standpoint, some of the key differences of the redesign include a new font selection, a reformatting of our Class Notes and In Memoriam sections, and a larger page size to facilitate a more airy feel.

Content-wise, we’ve added five new sections:

  • Talking Heads replaces our President’s Message and is intended to be a forum in which a variable panel of voices responds to a timely issue impacting the profession and/or the college.
  • Trending capitalizes on our robust social media presence and pulls in content from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and ICO’s blog.
  • Close Up explores in detail the existence of an individual associated with ICO through the lens of a single day.
  • Essentials goes beyond the professional and into the personal, by exploring alumnus’ must-haves, from vacations and desserts to cars and TV shows.
  • Vault provides a place to discover some of the incredible archival photos and slides hiding in plain sight at ICO.

The redesign process has been a satisfying one for the communications department, filled with brainstorming sessions and scouring our favorite magazines for inspiration. Our ultimate goal was to expand upon the way we tell the stories of ICO and its people–students and alumni, faculty and staff–and hopefully have a little bit of fun, too. We hope you’re as happy with the end result as we are.

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