Summer 2015
Summer 2015

Editor’s Note
The last issue of ICO Matters introduced a refreshed look, layout, and features. This season, the magazine has a brand new Editor.
Written by Lauren Faits, Editor

Most people read stories from beginning to end. My entrance into the ICO family, however, has felt a bit like opening a book at its last pages. My first weeks on the job included Capstone, Commencement, and many year-end picnics.

The upside is, I’ve met students, faculty, and staff in quick succession. It feels odd, though, that an entire class departed so quickly after my start.

ICO Matters is a way for all of us to follow alumni after their degrees are conferred. In turn, this magazine allows alumni worldwide to stay connected to their alma mater. These stories continue- long after Commencement.

This issue is all about the full alumni story- beginning, middle, and end:

  • In Focus features several happenings that may attract prospective students. From a grade school campus visit to the pre-optometry quiz bowl, ICO is reaching great candidates long before they apply.
  • The Commencement package applauds the 4-year journey of ICO students, and the immense rewards that follow.
  • Our second feature, In the Shadows, follows ICO alumni as they offer important mentorship via shadowing. Some ICO grads even return to their shadowed practices as fully-fledged doctors!

I very much hope you enjoy this Summer 2015 edition. If you have any feedback or questions, do not hesitate to contact

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