Spring 2016
Spring 2016

Editor’s Note

While putting together this season’s ICO Matters, I began noticing a pattern: ICO alumni tell love stories. It’s easy to see why! Students and graduates from the Illinois College of Optometry have much in common, even before they meet.

Every ICO student overcomes the same trials, from final exams to icy winters in Chicago. The victories are shared, too- implementing new skills in the IEI, achieving Board Certification, and finally, crossing the finish line
at Commencement. Lifelong friendships are made at ICO. Some alumni even found life partners within these walls- love stories, indeed.
This issue’s feature on ICO couples obviously fits the pattern. Dig deeper, though, and you’ll see that powerful relationships permeate the magazine:

  • Various ICO personalities narrate how they fell in love with optometry in Talking Heads.
  • Our Essentials subject, Dr. Christina Twardowski, builds incredible relationships with children. She also met her husband at ICO.
  • Dr. Luis Lewis, star of Close Up, demonstrates how mobile doctors rise to the occasion when other bonds falter.
  • Alumni and friends explore their relationships with technology in a feature on 3D printing.

Of course, there are thousands of ICO love stories just waiting to be told. If you know an alumnus who should be featured in ICO Matters, e-mail communications@ico.edu. Thank you for reading, and happy spring from the Illinois College of Optometry!

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