Fall 2015
Fall 2015

Editor’s Note Written by Lauren Faits, Editor

Shortly after I came to ICO, my team received a gift. This gift didn’t come in a bag or paper-wrapped box, mind you. It came in the form of a study.

An outside company had compiled months of research on ICO’s student body- why candidates choose our school, why they don’t, and how our grads feel after leaving. The results were enlightening. Since ICO received this gift, we’ve been pushing ourselves to adapt in response.

This issue of ICO Matters is all about adaptation. It begins with how optometry is adapting to Millennials. Then, we see how one of our alumni made the jump from private practice to academia. The lens widens as we hear how our nation is adapting to the Affordable Care Act. We even share how ICO’s brand is updating its voice to better communicate our strengths to the world.

Please enjoy, and remember what Albert Einstein said: “The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.”

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