Spring 2016
Spring 2016

De La Salle

On January 20, we welcomed some of our Bronzeville neighbors to ICO. The students of De La Salle Institute visited our campus and learned about the profession of optometry. It was an enlightening day for The Meteors, who are already thinking about their future career paths.

Spring2016-delasalle2Dr. Mark Colip spoke to the high schoolers about how he “fell in love” with optometry. After his presentation, ICO students used hands-on models to explain the structure of the eye. De La Salle also received a full campus tour.

“It was exactly what I was looking for and all of my students truly enjoyed the experience,” said Dr. Michael McCrohan, Applied Sciences faculty member at De La Salle. He accompanied his students on the ICO visit. Once his class was settled back at school, McCrohan shared with us why ICO is so important to his students. “Most of them knew very little about optometry going into it and came away with a new perspective on health care possibilities. It has already led to several discussion of what students should be doing now, in high school, if a health care field is their goal. Please extend my thanks to everyone that was involved in the afternoon.”

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