Spring 2017
Spring 2017

Corneal Innovations in the IEI

The Illinois Eye Institute recently introduced not one, but two new procedures for patients in the Cornea Center for Clinical Excellence. The first of these is called corneal cross-linking. This treatment benefits patients with conditions like keratoconus or ectasia. Previously, the available transplants came with long recovery time and risk of rejection. Corneal cross-linking is non-invasive, using riboflavin drops and UV light instead of surgery. Patients recover within days.

Dr. Osvaldo Lopez, Chief of Ophthalmology at Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center, ordered ICO’s Avedro cross-linking system within a week of its FDA approval. “ICO is a tremendous partner in this,” he says, “because of their reputation and the way they can reach out to the optometric community like no one else can.”

Even with cross-linking available, some patients may need scleral contact lenses to truly improve their vision. That is where EyePrintPro, the second new technology, comes in. EyePrintPRO creates a 3-D model of a patient’s entire ocular surface, giving a truly individualized fit. The result is a prosthetic scleral cover shell- a solution for keratoconus, irregular astigmatism, dry eye, deformed eyes, and chemical burns. All of the providers in our Cornea Center are certified EyePrintPRO practitioners. We waited on a 3-year waitlist for EyePrintPro, and now, the Illinois Eye Institute is the only location in Chicago to offer it.

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