Summer 2014
Summer 2014

All About ICO’s Alumni Ambassador Program

Last fall, the Alumni Council established the Alumni Ambassador program. We spoke with Alumni Council president Nicholas Colatrella, OD ’96, about how the program works.

What’s the purpose of the program?
The ultimate goal is to increase outreach and engagement among alumni and build relationships with prospective and current students.

What’s the role of an Alumni Ambassador?
Alumni Ambassadors support and promote ICO by providing leadership through participation and involvement in ICO-related activities.

Beyond mentoring, what activities can an Alumni Ambassador get involved in?
There’s a long list of activities to choose from in addition to mentoring. They can attend ICO alumni events scheduled throughout the year at various national meetings. They can spread the word about alumni events by posting on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. They can attend career fairs at their hometown high schools and colleges. They can participate in networking events with students at ICO. They can make their office available as a shadowing site for prospective students. The list goes on.

So Alumni Ambassadors can do as many or as few things on the list, depending on their availability and schedule? Are you looking for anyone in particular?
It’s up to the Alumni Ambassadors to decide what the best fit is based on their work schedule, other commitments, etc. Ultimately, we would like to recruit Ambassadors from every state and Canadian province. This way, we can engage the most alumni, recruit the most diverse students, and support students who come from various geographical locations across the country.

How does one become an Alumni Ambassador?
It’s easy. Just have an interest and desire to give back and fill out our simple online form at I would love to see as many people sign up for the program as possible.

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