Fall 2015
Fall 2015
[ AAO photos courtesy of Dominick M. Maino, OD ’78 ]

AAO 2015

ICO completed a successful showing at Academy 2015, the annual meeting of the American Academy of Optometry. This year’s conference took place October 7-10 in New Orleans. The weekend was full of panels and workshops, with headlining events on ocular melanomas, evidence-based pediatrics, traumatic brain injury, and more.

We are particularly proud of our own faculty. Representatives from ICO presented 40 research posters. These addressed a wide variety of optometric issues, including pre-kindergarten eye exams, acute retinal necrosis, therapeutic uses for scleral lenses, and dozens of others. There was even a little time to explore the fantastic city of New Orleans!

Extra congratulations go to Nick Colatrella, OD ’96, who was named a Diplomate in the Anterior Segment Section of the AAO. This is a high honor, reserved for true experts in the field. Dr. Colatrella is one of the first Diplomates in his section.

Thank you to all who attended Academy 2015. Events like this one reinforce ICO’s status in optometry as an unmatched source of research and innovation.

ICO’s Newest Fellows

Robert J. Steinmetz, OD ’03, FAAO
Kristin K. Anderson, OD ’95, FAAO
Juliana Grove, OD ’07, FAAO
Kendra C. Pollard, OD ’13, FAAO
Carrie Ho, OD ’12, FAAO
Bhawanjot K. Minhas, OD ’13, FAAO
Larry Allen Hookway, OD ’82, MS, FAAO
Jamie M St. Martin, OD ’12, FAAO
David M. Simpson, OD ’13, FAAO
Hannah Hays, OD ’14, FAAO
Maria T. Cucuras, OD ’14, FAAO
Joshua Lee Robinson, OD ’13, FAAO
Trisha Patel, OD ’13, FAAO
Carly D. Rose, OD ’13, FAAO
Patrick Lee, OD ’14, FAAO
Hillary Schweihs, OD ’13, FAAO
Felicia  J. Timmermann, OD ’14, FAAO
Kelli Theisen, OD ’14, FAAO
Joel David Quist, OD ’11, FAAO
Erin Elizabeth Mosellen, OD ’14, FAAO

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