Emerging Technology in Optometry

We live in an era of technological innovation. Smart phones, 3D printing, and cutting edge ophthalmic instruments are all revolutionizing optometry. Some applications, such as EyeDock…


Neil Hodur

On Monday, May 18, we followed this perennially popular professor as he spent a leisurely day with his family. “Most weekdays, I watch the…


Open House

ICO welcomed more than 150 people to Open House on June 6. Visitors traveled from 13 states and 2 Canadian provinces to meet our…


Golden Trumpet Awards

ICO, in partnership with KSA PR, was victorious at the 56th annual Golden Trumpet Awards. This event celebrates the best of Chicago-area PR and…


San Miguel

On March 4, two buses from San Miguel Middle School pulled up at ICO. Eighth graders spent the afternoon learning about their eyes from…



Sepideh Omidghaemi ‘15, twin sister Saeideh Omidghaemi, and Chido Munjanganja ‘15 painted a reverspective that tricks the eyes and teaches vision science. Reverspective, or…


Editor’s Note

Most people read stories from beginning to end. My entrance into the ICO family, however, has felt a bit like opening a book at…


Trending Summer 2015

April 10 “No matter where you practice, corporate or private…what’s important is how you treat your patients…who you are as a doctor.” #POS2015 April…

A Chicago Sunset Last Look

A Chicago sunset, as seen from the Class of 2015’s Commencement boat cruise. This was the final photo submitted to Instagram by Chris Bugajski, OD ’15, before his graduation. We will miss his art, but hope he keeps reading ICO Matters as a new alumnus! Photo by Christopher Bugajski, OD ’15