King-Devick Test

This January, the Mayo Clinic licensed the King-Devick Test, developed by 1976 alumni Alan King and Steven Devick while attending ICO. Measuring saccadic performance as it relates to reading ability, the test is used to detect concussions. Despite the fact that Mayo considers the K-D Test the gold standard for sideline concussion diagnosis, the test is still not widely used in the NFL. If given the opportunity to speak to NFL officials about concussion diagnosis, what would you say?


Anthony Barone

For the first edition of this new feature, ICO’s very own “Godfather” allowed staff photographer Brian Holloway to follow him around on January 23,…


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From your first view of the cover, you probably noticed something different about this issue of ICO Matters. After five years with our previous…


November 13, 1968

Laying of the Cornerstones, Alumni Memorial Educational Wing and Eye Clinic. Dr. E. W. Strawn, Dr. G.D. Rowe, Dr. C.K. Hill Board of Trustees…

Cloud Gate Last Look

It was only dedicated in 2006, but considering its popularity, it seems like Cloud Gate–affectionately known as “The Bean”–has been around forever. Artist Anish Kapoor constructed the quintessential Millennium Park attraction by welding 168 stainless steel plates together and burnishing them to a high polish so that no seams are visible.

Photo by Christopher Bugajski, ’15